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PAYE Expansion: ED Begins the Work-in-Progress

Looks like the Department of Education is paving the road to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) expansion. The ED has announced its intent to establish a negotiated rulemaking committee (!documentDetail;D=ED-2014-OPE-0124-0001). The Summary/TL;DR As you can remember, Obama’s Presidential Memorandum issued more »

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Jump on PAYE or IBR After You Graduate…or else

…you’ll lose those months you could have accumulated for PAYE/IBR benefits such as cancellation of any unpaid balance after 20/25 years. We’re assuming here that right after you graduate, you haven’t found a job, you’re broke, etc., so you qualify more »

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Department of Education Working on New Draft of PSLF Employment Certification Form

The Department of Education is revising the Employment Certification Form for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The new Employment Certification Form appears to make it easier to fill out for student borrowers. We’ll let you know when the more »

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