Dept of Education’s PSLF Promise and PSLF Waiver Batches

Due to the hiccups (AKA mistakenly sent rejection letters) from FedLoan Servicing in processing the new PSLF Waiver guidance, the Department of Education issued a “PSLF Pledge” that the PSLF Waiver will happen and for student borrowers to be patient during the process. In the Department of Education’s letter from CEO of Federal Student Aid, Richard Cordray, dated November 8, 2021:

“We also know some borrowers have received confusing information or even denials of their
PSLF or TEPSLF forms since the program overhaul was announced last month. Without
minimizing those concerns in any way, please understand these issues are temporary. In the next
few months, we will review these decisions under our new approach to PSLF. We will let you
know about any actions you need to take to benefit from these changes.”

PSLF Waiver Batches

Approximately 25,000 borrowers received PSLF Waiver forgiveness on November 8, 2021. That first batch of forgiveness applied to those who already had all Direct Loans and already submitted proof of all eligible employment periods. If you were in the first batch, check your FedLoan for your $0 balance! See this Reddit thread for more details.

More batches are coming, so don’t worry if you weren’t in the first batch.

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