PSLF Tracking Updated

FedLoan Servicing has updated its PSLF tracking webpage to include a more centralized area for PSLF qualifying payments. You can now see how many payments qualify, for which loans, which payments do not qualify and why. If you do see any discrepancies between your own records and the numbers on the FedLoan Servicing website, you should contact FedLoan Servicing. Be sure to keep bank records, payment receipts, and loan documents. Choose paper statements, rather than online statements to make this easier!

1. When you login to the FedLoan Servicing website, scroll down to find the “Track your loan forgiveness” section.
2. Alternatively, you can go to the left column and click “Payments & Billing.” Then, click “View PSLF Payment Tracking.”
3. Once you click on the “Check Progress” button, it will bring you to Payment Counts (details removed).
4. Click on the “Eligible Payments” tab to see more detailed information.
5. Another tab for “Ineligible Payments.”
6. Click on “How are eligible and qualifying different?” for the definitions (below).
7. You could have an eligible payment if you have previously submitted an ECF and you have new payments that have not yet been certified, including CARES Act payments.

On June 24, 2020, the Department of Education announced new contracts with 5 companies to improve efficiency, so fingers crossed, the website and PSLF tracking will improve over time:

The five companies that received contracts today through the Next Gen Business Process Operations (BPO) solicitation will correspond with customers and partners via phone, chat, social media, postal mail, and email and will support the back-office processing that is associated with those contacts. All of these operations will be supported by a centralized loan processing platform and an improved customer experience, including meaningful improvements to FSA’s web presence and outreach capabilities.

We will keep you updated! Let us know if you have any questions.

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