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FedLoan Servicing, the official loan servicer for PSLF, has once again updated their PSLF tracking page. Now, you can see more clearly just how many qualifying payments you’ve made, how many could potentially qualify if you certify your employment, and the history of your payments. Let’s take a look!

Login to FedLoan Servicing. Click on the “Payments & Billing” and then either “PSLF Payment Tracking” or “View PSLF Payment Tracking” (circled in green).
You will see the number of PSLF and TEPSLF qualifying payments and how many payments are left until the magical 120 number is hit.
If you click on “Show Payment Summary” below each payment box, you’ll see which payments are qualifying and which payments still need employment certification. Remember, only payments that have been certified via your employment certification form can qualify for PSLF.
If you’re ready to certify your employment, then scroll down and you’ll see a link to the PSLF Help Tool page. This page helps you pre-fill your certification form, but you still need to print/scan/upload back to FedLoan Servicing.
You’ll need to login to use the PSLF Help Tool.
Alternatively, you can also use the .pdf application to fill out the Employment Certification yourself. Head to the Department of Education webpage.
The Department of Education allows 2 ways to fill out the PSLF form. First way is the PSLF Help Tool. Second way is to download the PSLF form (.pdf) and complete it yourself. Both ways require you to print/scan/upload back to FedLoan Servicing.

Ready to upload your Employment Certification Form? See our post here:

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